8 tips on choosing the right colours for your home

The wide range of preferences, low understanding of colour theory, fear of making mistakes and challenges in finding colours that work with the furniture or decor that already exists in the home, choosing colours for a home can be challenging.

Raamesh Singhal Designs offers solutions for choosing colors based on direction, eliminating the worry and confusion in selecting the right colors.

We offer eight solutions for colour and direction requirements, providing comprehensive guidance for an aesthetically pleasing home.


As the North side represents the water element, shades of blue and black are perfect, offering residents of the home plenty of opportunities.


Being in the air element, the East side is appropriate for brown and green hues, fostering a lively social life.


With its location in the fire element, the Southern region of a home is an excellent choice for the color beige, which can enhance one's reputation and help them gain name and fame.


Using grey and white shades on the West side, which is in the space element, can increase profits and create a positive environment.

North East

North East - Being in the air and water element, the North-east side is preferable for blue and green tones, giving people a warm and cosy feeling.

South East

The South-east side is in the air and fire element, resulting in a great match for brown and green hues, attracting cash flow and providing financial opportunities.

South West

Yellow shades work well on the South-west side, which is in the earth element, promoting strong relationships and nurturing bonds.

North West

North-west side is situated in the space and water element, making it perfect for grey and white shades, creating a harmonious and balanced environment.